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Ferienidylle Jägerhaus Maier
Golling lies in the experience world Tennengau

Enjoy your vacation in intact nature, healthy air and highly transparent lakes and brooks.

Dr. Ulrich Gehre, former editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Die Glocke" described the region Tennengau in the following way:

"Lammfluß and Salzach river, To high mountains and gentle embossments, departure runways and Cross-country ski trails, walking ways and wheel routes, salt mine and welfare-end hot springs, fascinating mountain lakes and rushing brooks - all this makes the threshing floor gau in its summation out, for me since years epitome of ideal holidays - and experience world, which the gentleman God probably created in its best Sundays mood mag."

Fishermen can fish trouts in the Bluntauseen, tickets are at the local tourist office.

Hike the Lammertaler or Salzachtaler Wandernadel in bronze, silver or gold and/or with Enzian and with Edelweiß, Enzian and Edelweiß with gold ring and/or the Tennengauer in bronze, silver, gold and with ruby.

Even walking ways:
Egelsee - around the nature park
Walking time: 15 - 20 minutes

We recommend this way to you as short walking way on day of arrival. The sea-rose pond Egelsee is a quiescent zone with many banks. Here are weekly open-air concerts of the Trachtenmusik. At the way there you have a panorama board, which shows you also the walking possibilities again. At the indoor- and outdoor-swimming pool it goes back to the center.
Valley hike
Walking time: 1 1/2 - 2 hours

Flat walk along the Salzach river - the banks and Lammer (stamping point at Gasthof Alpenblick = Duschenwirt). No local traffic.
St. Anton
around the Rabenstein
Walking time: 1 1/2 hours

Beautiful and mostly shady path, a short but sometimes strenuous climb just before St. Anton is overcome (stamping point Gasthaus St. Anton).
Kuchl - Kellau
Walking time: up to Kuchl about 1 1/2 hours

In our neighboring Kuchl you go at the best over Kellau - Karlstein possibly to Georgenberg (stamping point in the Haus St. George). Flat sunny path. The return either the No. 11 or No. 1 on Weissenbach - Torren. Rear opportunity by bus or train almost every hour.
Gollinger Waterfall
Walking time: 3 hours

Flat trail to Nikolausdörfl. Visit the Sanctuary of St. Nicholas (Marmoraußenkanzlei, nice view of Golling). From there, 10 - 15 minutes to the waterfall slightly uphill. 2 stages - 75 m head (stamping point at the waterfall or Gasthaus Brennerwirt).
Bluntautal - Bärenhütte
Walking time: 3 - 4 hours

Flat trail of 5.5 km to the end point of the hike. stamping point Gasthaus Bärenhütte. Up to the entrance of the valley local asphalted road with traffic. Take a trip to the Bluntau - Forest Lakes. The Gasthaus Bärenhütte is the starting point for Alpine walks to the Jochalm or to the Carl-von-Stahl-Haus. Start with passenger car up to the hotel possible.
Torrener Rundgang
Walking time: about 3 hours

After the visit of the Wasserfalls you can take to nearly even forest track from the Nikolausdörfl toward Bluntautal. Shady hike nearly without upward gradient..
Easy walks with upward gradients:
Nature park
Walking time: 10 - 20 minutes

Nature park equal behind the center in 5 minutes attainable. Stairway of the cemetery, Egelsee or at the panorama board. Forest didactic exhibition (folders available at family Maier or tourist association). Beautiful view, forest chapel and many quiescent banks.
Walking time: total 2 hours

Stairway of the Egelsee left with the transformer station. Partial steep rise. Beautiful lookout points in particular over the Hiesenwand. Descent after St. Anton.
Haarberg - Scheffau
Walking time: up to Scheffau about 2 hours

Partial forestry road, partial forest track. Arrival point Unterscheffau (visit the old church of the Hl. Ulrich, glass paintings). Return trip from Scheffau is possible by bus.
Haareck - Scheffau
Walking time: up to Scheffau about 2 1/2 hours

Stamping point at Haarecker. Some forestry roads. Return trip from Scheffau is possible by bus.
Walking time: 4 - 5 hours

From St. Anton the forestry road following the sign Berggasthof Bachrain (stamping point). Beautiful forest - and meadow walk. 400 m in altitude. Return via Hochreith or driving road possible. Beautiful view on the particular Tennengebirge.
Walking time: 4 hours

500 m in altitude. Stamping point in Hochreitalm. Beautiful views especially from the Salzach valley to Salzburg, Untersberg and Hoher Göll. Advance at the best over St. Anton - Riersberg, then on the right take the forest track and avoid the street. Return via Moosegg or via Grubachwirt possible.
Grubachwirt, Kertererschlucht
Walking time: about 4 - 5 hours

From gypsum plant steep but interesting walk (flume and torrent). Only with good shoes. Stamping point Gasthaus Grubachwirt. Return via Moosegg or Hochreith or Wegscheid possible. Long-distance hiking, you can also to Weitenau or to Seewaldsee.
Walking time: total 3 - 4 hours

Even way up to the flume exit, then partial stages and arduously. A famouse flume. Break-through of the Salzach River by the lime mountains. In the cathedral partly underground! Return via the No. 35 possible so as to avoid the main road (forest road somewhat longer). Stamping point Gasthof Paß Lueg-Höhe (pilgrimage church Maria Brunneck - Struber und Turnerdenkmal).
Paß Lueg - Kuchlbach - Scheffau
Walking time: to Kuchlbach about 3 hours

From the Lammerbridge or from the Paß Lueg. Beautiful forest walk forest track for the most part. From Kuchlbach return possibility by bus.
Experience and enjoy the peculiar, special and new! Walk with open eyes and ears by the cultural and nature! Take yourselves time, time for patient observing, time for itself!

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